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Wait what? FDA wants 55 years to process FOIA request over vaccine data​

That's the same outlet whose CEO, Jim Smith, simultaneously sits on the board of Pfizer.

The FDA has asked a federal judge to make the public wait until the year 2076 to disclose all of the data and information it relied upon to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. That is not a typo. It wants 55 years to produce this information to the public.

The lesson yet again is that civil and individual rights should never be contingent upon a medical procedure. Everyone who wants to get vaccinated and boosted should be free to do so. But nobody should be coerced by the government to partake in any medical procedure. Certainly not one where the government wants to hide the full information relied upon for its licensure until the year 2076!



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At this point, the vax is all about the money. The US taxpayers are being looted, and this is the mechanism to do it. I have no data to support this theory, but I believe it to be true.

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About time:

they "put you on notice that the States are reinserting themselves between the federal government and the People of the United States in order to defend the freedoms and jobs of all Americans."

They say they will "use every lawful means at our disposal to obstruct, frustrate, and reject your illegal mandate.”

Lee said that "Liberty is at stake. We are living on the cusp of tyranny and we must, as the States united, reign in the power of the federal government by the constitutional authority we have as stated in the 10th Amendment."

"The States give the federal government their power, not the other way around," she added. "We will not be mocked, nor will we be defeated. The cost to lose is much too great. Today, we stand as the 57th Signer and we pledge our lives, fortunes and honor against every unconstitutional edict. Today we fight."

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There might be a silver lining to the mandate. It's looking like the Dems finally crossed a line that The People are willing to fight for.
Hope so.

I also think the Dems attitude of “if you want to do it, it must be ok” over the years to gain followers is biting them on the butt as it doesn’t mix well with “you can’t do that because we said so” and “ do this because We said so. “.


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San Diego Unified School District vaccine mandate Shut down because it has secular exemptions but ignores the rights of the religious.

It says any unvaccinated pose a risk so they can't give some an exemption, but refuse the religious from also having an exemption.

Ie, if you give an exemptions for pregnancy or medical, you would also need to for religious exemption or personal belief exemption.

On Nov. 29, all eligible students in the San Diego Unified School District were to be required to at least have their first vaccine shot. Students are not able to request a religious exemption which prompted the appeal.
“The teachers at San Diego Unified actually have the opportunity to submit requests for religious exemptions but the students don’t. It doesn’t really make any constitutional sense or logical sense,” said Paul Jonna.