The Dallas Hwy Garage Renovation

Discussion in 'The Hwy Garage' started by Grey Colson, May 18, 2011.

  1. Grey Colson

    Grey Colson Administrator Staff Member

    It's been down since around March. i just forgot to post the pic. That stuff is very heavy duty and does look good. They had a variety of colors and you can lay it in any pattern you like. It went down in one day and if we move, it's going with me 8)
  2. Boss 302

    Boss 302 Pursuit Driver

    The floor is awesome and I like the trash can as well.
  3. Grey Colson

    Grey Colson Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you, kind sir. I first started thinking about that stuff while watching Mecum Auto Auctions. I'm sure they just move it from city to city, where ever they are filming at the time.
  4. mach4

    mach4 Stunt Driver

    Love that show :love
  5. mei lan

    mei lan Pursuit Driver

    I always have to stop when I run across them or Barrett Jackson auctions. I love me some nice cars, and I love me some auctions. :)
  6. Grey Colson

    Grey Colson Administrator Staff Member

    I would LOVE to attend one but it wouldn't be a good financial decision. Daddy Mecum would talk me into buying something whether I had the money or not. Mrs. Colson would string me up in my own garage! :eek: :eek: :eek:
  7. powderspringsdad

    powderspringsdad Licensed Driver


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