NBA in China

Ironically this points out what Trump is trying to undo... Shift the power from China. China holds all the cards even though China is the worst country to have with that much authority.

Mitch Albom: Price for the NBA in China? Its soul
It was a short tweet. Only seven words. But it ripped the façade off of two giant forces, the Chinese government and the National Basketball Association, and exposed their hypocrisies in a sobering light. If you’ve ever doubted the power of free speech, and the perils of silence, you need only to have watched the events of last week.

“Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.” Those were the seven words, tweeted out by Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, a man who, when it comes to famous names in the NBA, is on the same level as the team trainer. He’s not a player. He’s not recognizable. He deleted the tweet shortly after he posted it.

But that didn’t stop China, the most populous nation on the planet, from going berserk. The government-owned TV network canceled televising the NBA exhibition games being played there. The internet streaming was canceled as well. The Chinese Basketball Association suspended all association with the Houston Rockets. And China’s consul general in Houston demanded the team “immediately correct the mistakes.”

When the NBA made a statement explaining Morey’s First Amendment rights, the CCTV network quickly countered that "any remarks that challenge (China’s) national sovereignty and social stability are not within the scope of freedom of speech.”

Shortly after that, all 11 of the NBA’s official partners in China — from a travel company to a fast food chain — suspended their ties with the league.

All this for a tweet that the Chinese people couldn’t even see — because Twitter is banned in China.

You stand for something or you fall for anything. Right now, the NBA, which has been so proud of standing for democratic principles, is having its spine tested by a marriage it couldn’t help itself from rushing into, because the bride was just so rich. China continues to seduce American businesses. But we’re starting to see the real price of all those billions.