Moderna vaccine study shows at least six months protection (the length of the study)

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Well, foodservice totally lost my dinner tonight. Thankfully, my nurse was able to find me a couple of crappy sammiches. But I'm not happy.


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Got my dinner tonight.

And it did have pintos.

And they are working. Everytime I cough I fart

farting eric cartman GIF by South Park

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My wife got her second Moderna shot yesterday morning. It was kicking her butt last night with nausea, body ache and headache. She said her arm is a lot more sore from this one than the last one. The first shot was more painful in my arm than the second.

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Just got my second Pfizer shot. I hope it is only a sore arm like last time. My 83 year old mom was fine both Pfizer shots.

I had an employee hospitalized after his second Maderna. He has high blood pressure and seems like he is medically fragile most of the time- not over weight, just not terribly healthy. I think the Maderna should only be for young and healthy.

Today was a nice day to be off work...loving the view on this spring day waiting my 15 minutes. 0504211310i.jpg
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I just received my second Pfizer vaccine shot today.

Just a little arm stiffness... other than that I felt perfectly fine.

About 30 minutes afterward, I got a little light-headed...... and I then thought to myself:

"Praise Joe Biden! He has saved us all. Beelzebub has been made proud.... Hail Joe Biden, Hail Joe Biden... Tax the Rich! Tax the Rich! Tax the Rich! Tax the Rich! Chairman Mao had a vision !!!"

other than that ( and a Linda Blair-esque, 360 degree head spin with projectile vomiting and channeling a spawn of satan, profanity laced tirade)...... really no side effects.
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