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Discussion in 'Local News and Events' started by honeybunny, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. honeybunny

    honeybunny Pursuit Driver

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  2. Grey Colson

    Grey Colson Administrator Staff Member

    I might even support this bill if the democrats will sign a pledge that this is the final legislation they will put forward and they will not seek legalization for recreational or any other use for the next 25 years. I guarantee they would refuse.
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  3. honeybunny

    honeybunny Pursuit Driver

    I disagree. Just decriminalize simple possession for medicinal use and be done with it.
    We cannot hold sick children and law abiding citizens hostage while waiting on utopia.

    We do have a very serious drug problem in this state, and it has nothing to do with marijuana.

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  4. Grey Colson

    Grey Colson Administrator Staff Member

    But the bulk of it begins with marijuana. I've seen it with my own eyes. I bought it among many other drugs for four solid years and there's not a single person I bought pot from that didn't have other drugs available that they were more than eager to sell to me.

    I admit there are sick children out there, but we have to admit one other thing. There are people with a recreational use agenda who are hiding behind the medical use bill. That's how legalization began in other states. And just like all other controlled substances, it could be manufactured and reduced to a prescription.

    Once again, you got my vote if the pro-drug agenda will sign that pledge. You get your medical marijuana cultivation passed and you WILL NOT present another bill, in any shape or form, regarding making recreational use legal for the next 25 years. If they refused, then who would be standing against the children? They would.
  5. honeybunny

    honeybunny Pursuit Driver

    I guarantee you that at least two surrounding states will legalize it within 5 years.

    What then ? ? ?

  6. Grey Colson

    Grey Colson Administrator Staff Member

    What? The cultivation part or the recreational part? Believe me, I see both coming. And then other "recreational" drugs. I just can't, in good conscience and a grand daughter on the way, support the growing cancer which is legalized drugs. I just feel strongly about it or I wouldn't have dedicated "The Nightmare Merchant" to the very subject.

    I appreciate your concern and thanks for the civil debate. Drugs are just ugly things. I know where the nation is going and it bothers me. I also recognize nothing I say will reverse the trend, but my daughter will be able to tell her girl one day that grand paw had at least tried.
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  7. David DeBord

    David DeBord Driver In Training

    Having gone Heavily down the road of taking drugs, back when I was a "Flower Child", & being placed in a Drug Rehab Hospital for having Graduated to "Acid", Speed, Abundant smoking of the "Spleef", as well as heavy drinking........ Due to having First Hand Experience of that kind of Life Style, & It's Consequences, as well as having seen what happened over in the E.U., where Drugs became "Recreational", & what has happened in the States that now allow it.... I'm Against the "Recreational Use" of "Mary Jane".

    But, .... As far as it's Medical Usage, and Commercial usage for Fuel, Oils, Clothing etc,..... I'm All For that.

    Giving one that is Dying, or Suffering from a Catastrophic Illness, Medical Marijuana, in lieu of Chemo, or many Medicines containing HEK293, or GMO, makes Sense to me, especially when it can be proven that Medical Marijuana can alleviate Suffering, &/or Cure an Illness.
  8. Far West

    Far West Honolii Beach

    I have a family member who could probably write the same story that you did, except she is still an addict and has washed out of at least 8 different EXPENSIVE rehab clinics that her family has paid for over the past 15 or so years. (Initially many rehab stints were covered up... so who knows for sure.) :dunno:

    Several medical professionals don't think she will live for more than 2 to 5 years more due to the extent of what she has done to her organs. Her color is off, eyes sunk, body swells. That is why her family has spent so much money trying to dry her out. The last place in Beverly Hills told the family they did not think she was ever going to clear because of the decades of abuse.

    Drug abuse and addiction rarely ruins a life in the first 2 decades ... at least in the people I have known. We won't see the true collateral damage of legalizing pot and a relaxed attitude of drugs beyond alcohol for a couple of decades. :nono:
  9. Boss 302

    Boss 302 Pursuit Driver

    I'd like to see a more comprehensive medical marijuana bill passed in the state that would include those with glaucoma.
  10. lotstodo

    lotstodo aka "The Jackal"

    Addicts gonna addict. Trust me on this. It doesn't matter if it's, booze, pills, or heroin, and MJ is not physically addicting. Brain chemistry returns to normal as soon as THC leaves the system. There are no physical withdrawal symptoms. Chronic users are seeking the high much as a parachutist or gambler would. While chronic use causes problems, the number of users for whom use is a detriment to everyday life (other than arrest for possession) is very small compared to the universe of users.

    The idea that marijuana is a gateway drug is supported by some evidence, mostly because it is ubiquitous, but there is no clear evidence that the disappearance of marijuana would result in the decrease in drug related deaths or addiction. There is even some evidence of the opposite, that if MJ were available through legal means (no drug dealer), fewer people would be exposed to a conduit for the underground purchase of drugs of other types. Furthermore, the number of drug related deaths from marijuana itself is almost zero. Obviously the same cannot be said for alcohol, which is the number one first trial drug of adolescents as well as the number two killer behind tobacco.

    I am personally against the use of marijuana and alcohol recreationally, but I wouldn't stop you from doing it. I am for punishment for any and all crimes committed to obtain any drug as well as those committed because of impairment. But until we have some clear and convincing evidence that either the medical use of marijuana is ineffective to the point of fraud or dangerous, then as far as I'm concerned, non-psychoactive derivatives are the same as essential oils, buyer beware. The idea that MJ is a schedule 1 drug while many other far more dangerous drugs are not is ludicrous. I also feel that as long as alcohol and tobacco are legal for recreational use and regulated, marijuana should be too.
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  11. JawJa

    JawJa Stunt Driver

    The only thing that concerns me about loosening the laws on MJ too much...

    Is the image of a stoned society we remember from the late 1960's... :confused:

    IMO back then... the kids and young adults knew they were gonna grow out of it... I am not so sure that would be the case today if it was legal for recreational purposes.

    Imagining a stoned society... well... anyone really want to live there??? :rolleyes:
  12. lotstodo

    lotstodo aka "The Jackal"

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  13. honeybunny

    honeybunny Pursuit Driver

    Look at the current rates of mind altering prescription drug usage and realize that you already live there...
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  14. lotstodo

    lotstodo aka "The Jackal"

    We also went to the Moon that decade, and I can tell you first hand that more than a few of those guys in the trenches smoked pot. They didn't get much time off, but when they did, they dropped the hammer.

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