Well known Douglasville busness owner killed during storms


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It appears Scott Hudson of Hudson's BBQ was killed by a falling tree today. Apparently a huge tree fell on his vehicle while he was going to the post office near downtown Douglasville. I am not a regular customer there but I have known about the place for many years. I prefer Wallace's but I have eaten at Hudson's a few times. It is a landmark in Douglasville. My prayers go out to the Hudson family.
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Never ate there myself, but the place seemed to be a local icon.


Channel 2 Action News has learned that a person was killed in Douglasville when a tree fell on a car on Campbellton Street. The victim has been identified as Scott Hudson, a beloved restaurant owner.

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When you think about the millions of miles that automobiles are driven in this country, the odds seem incredible that a tree could fall at just the right second to land on a moving car, yet it happens pretty regularly. RIP.


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That place always seemed to be packed. We ate there a few times. Sorry to hear the owner was killed by a falling tree. Such a sad turn of events.

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Wow... so sad.

They showed Hudson's and a picture of Mr. Hudson on my 24 hour repeating news station, Channel 10 news in San Diego!

The first year we moved to Georgia, we drove down a street in Cobb County by a park, then returned an hour later. A huge Oak had fallen into to the street right where we had driven, crushing a car that was unfortunate enough to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Later that night it was on the news. The person was severely injured, but did not die.

It made me aware of trees and how dangerous it is when the soil is saturated, and then it is windy.