Today is the day Deewee experiences...


Pursuit Driver
Agreed. Not sure why all the fuss over BBQ pressed into a Genuine Artificial Rib Rack. It's OK, but won't drive out of my way to get one.

PS. They need to pay their workers $15 a hour so they don't put twice as much sauce on the sandwich as it needs. What a mess!
I had several napkins tucked into the neck of my shirt to make a "bib". I still managed to get it on my face while I was eating, but my shirt came out unscathed. There is NO way to eat one of those and look like a lady at the same


Serenity, through modern chemistry
Had one about 15 years ago that left a permanent imprint on my memory. I didn't like the bun, that sauce was way too sweet and the meat was the texture of boiled tofu!!! A regular bun with an oversized well done sausage patty, (caramelized), with Spicy Sweet Baby Rays might be good, but not the McRib.