Struggling with addictions, or know someone who is?

Guard Dad

Staff member
I want to make sure everyone knows that we have a double secret "Recovery Forum" here on the Hwy. It's purpose is to try and help people who battle addictions, by providing them with help and counseling from others who have gone through this.

The forum is headed by Lotstodo, and he has forum moderator powers that allow him to do any housekeeping within the forum that might be needed.

This forum is completely hidden from anyone besides members of the Recovery Forum, other than the board admins, and that's only because their is no way for anything to be hidden from admin level access. Our admins are rolltidega (for IT purposes), Grey Colson, and yours truly; and we pledge our confidentiality regarding any and all personal information, including and especially anything regarding the Recovery Forum. Honestly, we don't even go in there unless there's a good reason, and that will rarely, if ever, happen.

If any of our members or potential members are interested; send a private message to lotstodo. Any non-members will need to join the forum first. If lotstodo decided to add you to the Recovery Forum; he will message me and I will flip the switch. No one else will know.

Thank you