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Let's Go Brandon!!!
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Statesboro sucks!!!

We had our first and last visit to that town this weekend. We really didn't have any high expectations but were looking forward to eating dinner at the Millhouse Steak House before heading back home. We looked it up and it showed "Closed - Opens 4pm" so we made plans to eat there later Saturday afternoon. Only after calling them and getting the "...this number has been disconnected" message then driving by the building did we find out it has been permanently closed for some time now. It was suppose to be the highlight of our weekend trip but ended up being the disappointment instead. We waved goodbye to the town and ended up eating at Cracker Barrel in Dublin...and it was good.
When I played football in high school, we played Statesboro every year. I remember the first time we went there to play, we all thought there was nothing there worth visiting. Their mascot used to be Rebels, but now it's Blue Devils. Their marching band uniforms when the were the Rebels looked like confederate uniforms.