Right at 70,000 words

Grey Colson

Staff member
I've been kinda sickly over the last weekend and into this week, but I've returned to Mosquito Lagoon and am just under 70K words complete. This has been a fun story thus far and it's good to have the entire story in my head now. Well, with the exception of one death scene that's going to be difficult to TOP from the last book.

The books have consistently done very well, but I'll be ready to take a few year break after this third in the series. Actually I never expected there to be 3 books, but it's been fun. I try to be as accurate with places and facts as I can be and the research can be tiring. Especially with a place like Ecuador where I've never been.

Thanks to The Hwy family who have been supportive and encouraging over these few years. About 30 to 40 thousand words to go and then goes the long edit process begins. Without question the worst part. :\'(