Reefer Madness...


Pursuit Driver
Have you seen this Howard Maxwell flyer ? ? ?

It comes across as ridiculous and desperate.

Meanwhile, our opioid epidemic continues unabated,
and our gas taxes will continue to grow in perpetuity.

What is really sad is that Howard the Coward wouldn't even put his name on it. If you are going to fling mud, man up and admit it's you.

We have friends with a child that has severe seizures, while I don't know myself if it helps, they believe that the oil helps her and as long as the material that removes the "high" is taken out, what is the big deal?

I agree with you on the opioid epidemic, seems like every time I go to the Dr for any kind of pain, first thing they do is offer a prescription for an opioid.

The only thing that will fix our road issues is to get jobs near the places we live and that isn't going to happen here with all the half baked contractor desired ideas the Board of Commissioners has been getting us into the last few years. How about making it easier to build an industrial building guys? Ever think of that?


Pursuit Driver
I personally know people with debilitating medical conditions
who could use this to mitigate suffering and pain... his stance
is ignorant, cruel, and outdated.


(this Lady is a class act, she listens to voters concerns, and she is not beholden to special interest.)


Engine Joe

Licensed Driver
And marijuana is a plant. People should be allowed to grow it. And do whatever they want with it.

I don't even think it should be taxed if legalized. Unless it replaces another tax.

I don't personally have any use for it. But I understand the concept of freedom.