Let's Go Brandon!!!
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I was going to rant about Truist's banking system being down for most of the day but they redeemed themselves this afternoon so all is good in the universe again.

I just received a text alert from them notifying me of possible suspicious / fraudulent charged on one of my cards. I logged into their online system and sure enough there were three unauthorized charges from today totally $678.19 and from places I've never heard of before. I immediately locked the card and called their fraud line. They confirmed the three charges were declined, that my card was locked, and that they are sending a new card.

It really irritates me that there are shysters out there trying to get "free" money.
Just before Christmas of 2011, I was in Afghanistan and checked my checking account online. I had ordered an electronic drum kit from the Guitar Center to be shipped to my grandson for Christmas. Anyway, there were charges for more than $800 to X Box Live and one $25 charge to Walmart. Undoubtedly, whoever processed my order at Guitar Center was a thief. USAA canceled the card once I called them. It took two weeks for my new debit card to arrive in the mail. I had to use a credit card until then. The banks won't go after these people unless the charges exceed $2000. The thieves no this and keep it under that.
What I didn’t mention is that I was at the Dallas Truist during lunch to make a deposit for the company. I was told that their transaction system was down but that they could give me a phone number to call. I said I’d just go to another Truist but then was told it was their entire system. It felt odd and it was like the lady was trying her best not to disclose something, or at least that’s the way I perceived it. Anyway, I left but then did a search about Truist outages and confirmed it was correct. It appeared they were back up and running later in the afternoon. I’m about to head back up to try again. I get nervous about banking issues, especially those in Fridays.
I suppose it’s just not meant to be, closed for Veterans Day. Try again Monday.