Oh, this is getting fun...

Grey Colson

Staff member
Ecuador, Washington DC, Daytona Beach and Mosquito Lagoon.

I had mentioned previously that the book had begun writing itself at around 60,000 words or so. By that I mean that most of the players and the plot were falling together and making the story complete. That's different from today. At 85,000 words, the players and plot are set in concrete and the entire story conclusion is in my head. I LOVE this part where all I have to do is find time to write it down.

Although it's been another blast, I'm not certain about a Code 4. Well, not at least until I take a breather after Code 3 and enjoy reading other's stories again. I started writing Mosquito Lagoon in mid-May last year when I was summarily dumped on night shift. I should begin editing this in April and hopefully submit it to the publisher by late June.

It's been yet another fun ride. You know...huge sales would be nice, but it's not all about that. It's impossible to explain how satisfying it is to finish another project and hold it in my hands. I plan to dedicate this third novel to my new granddaughter. For her someday to hold it in her hand is priceless to me.