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I'll never do business with AMAZON again!!! Their Customer Service is a complete ZERO from India. I bought a $7.40 part last Tuesday and paid the $10.03 cent upcharge to have it delivered in 2 days, OK. Today comes and goes, still no part,,, check the order status online and find that it hasn't shipped yet and isn't due to be delivered until Aug 8th. Can't find the number to call them, but left a message for them to call me, which they did. The service agent had such a heavy accent I could not understand what he was saying,,, so I talked and he keyed and went off to research the call. About 4 minutes later I get a dial tone. At this point I am seeing red and only want to talk to Amazon to extract a pound of flesh!!! I leave another message to call me, which they did. This guy was almost as bad, but slightly understandable, so we go into the order. He informs me that it should be delivered on the 8th, but the money has not been deducted from my account yet because it hasn't shipped, so I haven't paid the $10.03. "What will be the charge when it does ship?", I ask,,, "$18.65" he replies,,, "NAY, NAY, NAY" said I. "If you didn't deliver it in 2 days, which you didn't, you don't charge the $10.03 or the tax you are charging on that delivery fee." "The billing amount is the billing amount you agreed to" says he and it almost sounds like he chuckles!!!
"I agreed to pay $10.03 to have delivered today, which you did't do" I said " the charge should now be $7.40 + tax with free shipping as per the advertised price!".
After several more minutes of this back and forth, I just tell him to cancel the order. "OK" he says and chuckles again, which I called him on, and he denied chuckling,,, at which time I informed him it amazes me that Amazon stays in business, as stupid as their employees are. I wanted to tall him that he aught to sue his parents for procreating, as stupidity begets stupidity,,,, But my wife hung up the phone before I could lose my cool!!!!!

And that's why I don't have Amazon Prime, and will never ever ever ever do business with Amazon again!!!!

End of Rant!!!!


This post will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....
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The baby car seat delivered yesterday finally, only 5 days after the baby shower. I'm just waiting on the email requesting a review and rating. Sadly, it's probably not the fault of the supplier but Amazon shipping instead. Oh well, put pressure on Amazon shipping to do a better job.

I don't particularly care for using Amazon but I'm beginning to despise shopping amongst idiots.