Guard Dad

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I have enabled this feature by request. I really hadn't noticed that it didn't work until it was pointed out to me.

If you have any trouble using it just post your questions here.


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Possible dumb is it any different than just hitting reply on multiple posts before clicking 'Post reply'?

I've almost clicked it a couple times when I meant to click 'Like'.


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Has this got something to do with Jawja having to be told something more than once, in his older years?

Only when JawJa thinks it would be in his interest to hear someone say it over and over and over...
Strictly for the record you know... [grin]


Driving Instructor
How it works:
Click on quote for each post you want to quote...
Then click on quote below the reply window at the bottom...
A new window will appear with all the quotes in it...
You can choose where you type in it.

The reason I asked about this...
Was at another forum, using the same software, I used it...
Then tried to use it here and it did not work...
THX G/D... for enabling the feature.