mei lan

Grey Colson

Staff member

A light hit him in the chest. It came from the ground. Taylor saw a small man holding the flashlight in the reflection of light off his white tank top. The man raised the light to Taylor’s face and then dropped it to the ground as he struggled to his feet. Taylor grabbed the flashlight and put the beam in the man’s face. He was short. Maybe five-seven and his eyes were wide with surprise. Maybe it was Taylor’s size or the bulk of his recently replenished muscles. Or maybe his dead, milky eye had come in handy for a change because it had apparently frozen his short assailant in shock. Taylor watched the man reach behind his back and swing a pistol in his direction. In one short step, Taylor cocked his right arm and drove a punch straight into his nose. The follow though of the strike propelled the man back and off his feet as he pulled the trigger, launching a round straight upward through the canopy above.