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Hello Hwy'ers

In speaking with some members / potential members, a common thing many of the local people are wanting is a source for local news and events. We are attempting to address this, possibly in multiple ways.

To begin with, Rolltide has added an RSS feed from the paulding.gov site. These are automated reports that will automatically post to the site by a news bot. It is playing ctach-up with now, so will likely settle down once up to date.

The only issue I see is that these will muddy up the New Posts view somewhat, but I don't think it will be bad once caught up. We might add more feeds as we find some.

Please give us your feed back on this as we continue to develop it.

We're also interested in a live person or persons (more than one) who would like to be our reporter(s). We might give this person(s) forum moderator powers if needed so they would be able to do housekeeping and such in whatever forum they are using, probably Local News and Events.

I think a reporter for National/Worldwide news and Politics could also be good.

I would also love to have someone to coordinate Hwy events and social stuff on or for the forum.

If any of you are interested is doing any of this for The Hwy, please PM me. You'll get the same pay Rolltide and I do. :grin2:


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I love the local news stuff. In the good old days (on the other site), you could keep up with the high school football scores, the latest drama with the school board, the county board of commissioners, zoning issues, the airport fiasco, etc. That was before the moderator lost his mind and run everybody off the other site. So with that being said, I love emphasizing the local news stuff...as in the County Board of Commissioners raising our millage rate / property taxes again. How nice of them to do that. They apparently need our money more than we do who earned it.

As far as a reporter goes... In all seriousness, ask a journalism major at KSU to maybe intern for a few months to get some experience.