It's That Dreaded Time Of Year Again


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No, I'm not referring to taxes. It's far's time to renew health insurance for our company. We received our "renewal notice" which included the new premiums. It's just a mere 28% increase...which is after last year's 26% increase. We've always paid 100% of the coverage for everyone, including family coverage, but we just can't swallow it anymore. I'm seriously considering dropping company healthcare all together and just giving everyone a monthly amount for them to put towards whatever family plan they choose get on their own. After 28 years I'm just sick and tired of dealing with it and absorbing the premium increases. It's not like we have a lot of employees anyway, we're a very small family oriented company with currently only three families represented.

I'm also actually considering checking into government's Marketplace just to compare coverage, deductibles, and premium amounts. Does anyone have experience with the Marketplace coverage and, if so, be willing to share both the good and bad experience. Please PM me if you do.

I wish I could send a memo to my customers informing them of their upcoming 28% increase.
Yeah, can't wait to see what the increase is this year for us.

Figure all that "Free" crap the govt forced the insurance providers to pay in response to Covid, plus all the Hospital stays and doctors visits that Covid caused are going to come to roost this year.
Not sure if this is worth sharing or not.

Our owner pays 75% of the premium, we pay 25%. We have Kaiser. I personally hate Kaiser, but at least if I have anything go terribly wrong I do have some coverage. If we don't want to pay for the Kaiser, we can do the Marketplace. Honestly many of our employees qualify for other medical coverage through programs the state has that they don't pay anything.

I mostly use the Family Care medical clinic by my house for anything routine because they are cheaper than the co pays that Kaiser gouges each time - for every service, and it is not a month out for an appointment.
Our owner pays 75% of the premium, we pay 25%.

I'm in a similar situation. When I started my current job over 8 years ago, the company paid for all insurance for the employee. A few years ago they pushed about 10% to the employees. That percentage has gone up every year so now we're paying about 20-25% and the coverage has gotten worse (still pretty good though).
Most all of this goes back to Obamacare, mostly for the worst. Before then the healthcare was fairly stable due to cost shifting of the indigent to the insured. Since these numbers basically stayed in balance, insurance premiums had slight but manageable increases. Now that the indigent and those who were medically uninsurable are in the mix of insured, the ongoing losses they cause are spread in full among all the other insured. This was/is the intention of Obamacare, the equal financial suffering and misery for everyone,,, that's why the is a penalty for the "Cadillac" policies we had when we were working. Oh, and don't forget, 'You can keep your doctor',,, all lies from beginning to end.
When a problem is caused by too much government, more government is only going to make things worse.

The solution to high healthcare costs is to get the feds completely out of it, and let the market fix the problem. But neither party will entertain this concept because it removes too much of their ability to control us.