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So the dems are going down the path of an official impeachment inquiry over this Ukranian thing. Is this another case of 'fake news' or is Trump really in trouble this time?


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Just another rabbit chase. As I said before, if he's broken the law then hold him accountable, if not then leave the man alone and let Preside. I'm still waiting on the investigations of the dems.


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I don't think this is the hill that Nancy would choose to die on, and unless they know something we don't, her chances are not good in the Senate. If she believes she has cause she is bound by the Constitution to impeach.

It really doesn't matter in today's political climate if there is anything there or not, this is a calculated political move that will either push the Dems over the line or send them down in flames.

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Impeach him for what? She hasn't given a real reason.

It was mentioned above "unless they know something we don't", but I find that highly unlikely as the media would have been all over anything like that.

IMO, this is an act of desperation. The Dems are in trouble and they know it. Word has it that Biden will soon be ending his campaign, and who does that leave? The only two current candidates who have a chance are Pocahontas and Buttidude, and neither are really doing well.

I seriously think that short of an October surprise, we're looking at a Trump landslide. Not so much because of Trump, but because the Dems have turned off so many voters.


aka "The Jackal"
Wow a complaint that is second hand and names nobody with first hand knowledge. It's only corroboration consists of media reports quoting unnamed sources. Can you say Steele Dossier?

This was either written to give the committee cover to go after what would have otherwise been fruit of a poison tree, or it's entirely unworthy of consideration.