I'm having more fun than a human being is allowed to have with this...

Grey Colson

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Met an older couple (I don't say elderly any longer) at the condos we stayed in at Hilton Head last weekend. They lived in the same fancy-dan complex that Mrs. Colson's company owners have one of their vacation places. Far TOO rich for my blood. They showed us around their million dollar condo, which I've never seen anything like before. The woman wanted a book which I just so happen to have a couple of. The husband was very nice, but had long gray hair and reminded me of an old rock star. Maybe he was for all I know.

He said his wife would read the book and tell him about it...since he wasn't much of a reader. He told me we could buy a condo like theirs when my books go to the NY Times Best Seller List and I make a million dollars of my own. I told him that wasn't very likely. Like winning the lottery since there are over 8 million books to choose from on Amazon.

But one thing he said was very encouraging. He simply said he just admired anyone who writes novels. I just replied that it is something that I have learned to love doing, whether or not they ever become best sellers. I've been back home for a week and have been feeling bored. Our training season is over and it's back to the day-to-day routine. I've been a little fidgety and I realized it was because I wasn't writing or editing. The 3rd book is firmly in the hands of the publisher and there's nothing I can do with it right now. So it started again last night. I'm scratching the itch again....so to speak. Here's the working cover for Code 4.

It may not ring your bell, but it made my day! ;)

Go for it!!

Finished the your first one a few weeks ago, pretty good. A little too much detail early in the book, (IMO) but I see a lot of writers do that, including one of my favorites, David Weber.

I think I remember you saying that book 3 was supposed to be book 2, but you changed it around when someone asked. What is the best reading order?