I Need It...


Pursuit Driver
But I don't want to buy It...

Cause the guy who wrote It... is a real jerk.

The library system is out of It... with a waiting list.

Used copies of It are considered collectible... so the prices are high.

Anybody have It ? ? ?

Wanna sell It ? ? ?

Besides school books my son has only read one (I know :faint:) book for enjoyment since elementary school, I can't sell/give away that one. Have you tried the Book Worm in Powder Springs? I bet Susan can find it if she does not have IT.
@honeybunny Did you get the book? Have you read it yet?

Are you going to go see the movie? :emoji_balloon:

Has anyone here gone yet? I have heard some reviews, all fairly favorable, but most did not read the book. I do not believe this movie is the whole book due to what I have heard/read in FB posts.
I decided to wait... by Christmas they will be on clearance.

I might watch the movie when it becomes available at the library...

I can understand. If it was not for the fact my son wants me to go with him to see it I think I would wait. I am not keen on seeing Pennywise on a huge theater screen! :emoji_scream:

Grey Colson

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Just curious. Why is he a jerk? For a minute there I thought you were talking about me until I read further. Either way, my books are far more real, believable and entertaining :p