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I have a few notices which state "You are ignoring content by this member" but I've not knowingly selected it. Where would I correct that setting?
Then you missed some recent cat posts. I guess that means I need to post a bunch of them (maybe 50 or so) this weekend.
Don’t laugh because that’s exactly how I knew something wasn’t right. I thought maybe you were on a long vacation or your internet was down.
I just got one of the messages too, and I have never put anyone on ignore.

Sent to Rolltide for nerd review.
The Nerd Herd is not seeing any issues at this time.

If you guys see this anymore, please post about it here so we can have more clues as to what's causing it. I'll make this a sticky for awhile so it will stay on top.
At another forum... I have 3x posters on ignore...
They are troublemakers... whose breadth of counter-punching is as wide as lake Lanier...
However their ability to think and explain their thoughts... is about as deep as the thickness of cardboard.

It is, honestly, easier to just not even read what they post... :)