Fake News Alert...


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Yesterday I witnessed one of the most egregious examples of fake news I have ever seen. Numerous news outlets and so called journalists sent out identical tweets reporting that the Trump administration was sending migrant children to "a former Japanese internment camp."

They were describing Fort Sill, Oklahoma. A US military base where thousands of troops and their families live. The very same facility used to house migrant children in 2014 by the Obama administration.

At least 2 Senators actually tweeted out out photos of Japanese children behind barbed wire fences to highlight the story.

This kind of deliberate dishonest reporting is dangerous to the very fabric of our nation.


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Tricky situation...

While fake news is considered to be more dangerous than terrorism (google it, it was in a poll)...

Restricting the media would be the wet dream of politicians... as we KNOW the polecats would figure out a way to cover their corrupt trails... and call it in the best interest of the country.

IMO the answer is citizens who do not trust the media or polecats...
Rather demand accountability!
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In other fake news...

Did you know that Jon Stewart praised the Trump administration's actions during his rant in front of congress the other day ???

Of course you didn't... because the entire news media blacked it out.

They censored an important part of the lead story because it did not fit the narrative.

The media is corrupt. #2478


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While we are talking about fake news... here is a reminder to never believe a poll:


And here is a news story that surprised me the first time I read it:


Now obviously we have a conflict here:
One soundbyte suggests polls are not to be trusted...
While the next soundbyte says a poll said...

Wonder if the solution is to quit blindly believing soundbytes we hear...
Rather research them to determine legitimacy???


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Just for fun...

How about lets use this thread to post as much fake news stories as we can find...

Might be an eye-opener to realize how much of it is going around!