Even Bernie knows it

Far West

Honolii Beach

Why would anyone trust a communist?

Pssssst, Bernie, "here comes Hillary and the DNC......again."

Wow! Bernie is swinging into the middle...NOT. Wonder where his VP Ilhan Omar stands on gun confiscation?

Work too hard and earn too much, Bernie has no problem marching into your home and stealing 90% of that though.

Bernie "If you like your guns you can keep your guns" ;0

Lol Bernie has learned from Betos mistakes..

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Uh, yeah, make no mistake, the progs are coming for your guns no matter what kind of head fakes they throw down. Most of their agenda is unconstitutional and they never let that stop ‘em.

It will take a tank destroying my home to get our guns. They will one day. Its coming people. When admitted socialists are running for President and Congress is full of them--in America, anything can happen. BTW, Hitler confiscated guns early in his initial days. If anyone thinks this is the same country we grew up in, I'd like to hear from them with proof of why it is.

Bernie thinks walking into my house and taking my guns is unconstitutional, but thinks nothing of coming into my house and taking my money, and making the majority of my decisions on how to spend the little he leaves for me. Talk about your blind spots!

This man has been endorsed by the "squad", that right there should tell voters everything they need to know.