Epstein not checked on for hours, cellmate mysteriously transferred out


aka "The Jackal"
Nothing suspicious about that. Of course the media quickly blames incompetence, and the Union uses this to claim worker abuse. If this wasn't a crime it should have been. The circumstances were just too perfect. Motive, opportunity, and a scapegoat or two. Hell the prison system will get more money out of it. talk about WINNING!
The painting, “Parsing Bill,” that hung in Epstein's townhouse in Manhattan is only the most recent eyebrow-raising detail to emerge regarding the Clinton-Epstein connection. Questions about the extent of their friendship and what the ex-president and the convicted pedophile did during their time together have long dogged both men. Though Clinton has admitted to flying on Epstein’s private plane on four trips related to work for the Clinton Foundation, flight logs indicate two other trips and a total of 27 flights on which Clinton was a passenger.