Epic Meltdown...

CNN's Chris Cuomo took great offense to a random guy calling him "Fredo" over the weekend.

Warning that he uses the F bomb about 30 times in this video :

What's with the tough guy accent ? ? ?

I suspect that he will announce a trip to rehab very soon...

I never knew Fredo was a derogatory name for Italians. In fact, I never heard it used before. What I thought was considered derogatory for Italians and I heard a lot was Guido. Perhaps this was nothing more than a publicity stunt and the other guy got the name wrong and Cuomo had to go along with it. LOL
Never watched the Godfather. Did not know what Fredo was. Now I know what the headlines I was seeing refer to.
Nope, never watched it from start to finish, either. I have just seen clips. I am more into funny movies, nature shows, justice channel, etc. I just don't like movies with violence. I do like the justice channel though, because they never show anything bloody or graphic, and I like to see the bad guys get caught. :)