Dick Morris: Biden's Handling of COVID Has Led to Drop in Polls

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Disagree completely with him.

He was not elected as a single issue candidate, at least a normal issue, like covid.

He was elected because he *wasn't* Trump and the libs promised tons more free money if elected to all the causes their multi spectrum followers support. Covid relief was only part of it.

The problem is they haven't delivered on much of anything, being way too busy with the Anti TRUMP Jan 6th Hearings, etc. Now the Delta is going to bite them just like the Alpha bit Trump.

Many of those who supported him "because he's not Trump" are disillusioned when they see just what he really is.. a puppet that has a serious case of dementia.

Best thing Trump could do is keep hinting he is going to run to keep the libs too busy to actually *do* anything, until the mid-terms get here.


This post will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....
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Dick Morris needs to ride off into the sunset.

Guard Dad

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I think Biden's ratings are going south for a lot of reasons. Virtually everything is worse under him, and now that bad orange man is gone people are finally seeing just how ill Biden is and how utterly worthless Kamala is.