Dallas Hwy Contact Info

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From time to time you might need to contact staff for various reasons. In addition to keeping our Hwy safe for all traffic, the Hwy Patrol stands ready to help our valued members with any problems that might arise. We are truly here To Serve and Protect.

Please follow the guidelines below in contacting us.

-For assistance with posts or threads, to alert the Hwy Patrol about a post that is a rule violation, to have one of your posts removed or a thread closed, to report a problem with another member, etc; please use the "Report To Moderator" button below each post. No single Hwy Patrol officer is on all the time, so this action will notify all staff members so one who is on The Hwy or a nearby street can respond as quickly as possible. One of our Staff Members will be happy to assist you.

-For issues with forum software, access to forum, etc; please use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom right of the page

The DallasHwy Team is glad that you're a part of our online community and hope that your Hwy travels are pleasant ones.
Not open for further replies.