Craft/Yard Sale at Hickory Heights Baptist Church -March 22nd

Mrs. Jack Russell

Stunt Driver
We are having our 4th Craft/Yard Sale. We are at 221 Dabbs Bridge Road, Dallas at the corner of Hwy 61N. It's a great location. If you have a craft or need to have a yard sale and do not have a good location, this is perfect. The vendor fee is $15.00 and will go toward our 2014 VBS. If you would like to have a space you can contact me via email at and I will get you an application.

I believe we had about 40 vendors at our last event. It was WINDY!!!! I have checked the almanac (sp) and prayed for a good day with no rain or wind. The event is 9=3. We will be serving BBQ for $5.00 a plate and $3.00 for a sandwich. So even if you don't have anything to sell come and eat with us.