Cashless society?


This post will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....
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I rarely carry cash now but I will NEVER have a payment method linked to my hand.


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I never have cash...don't think I've even touched any cash in months. I use credit cards for everything.

Not sure on the hand thing....if you use your phone with Google Pay (or others), you kinda already do it if your phone is secured with your fingerprint or face unlock.

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I put all purchases on one credit card and pay it off at the end of the month, seldom using cash. If I needed cash I have small bills squirreled away in a fire safe just in case.

I have heard too much from people that went through disasters that recommended having small bill cash on hand. You want ice and all you have is a $20... that is what you pay. If electricity is out ATMs will not be available to get money and your Credit Cards are worthless.

I see no reason to use my hand. A credit card works just fine. How lazy man has become... I am sure some will do it because of the novelty of it.

Do I dare say it.... Nerds! :grin2:


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I have one credit card and one debit card. I just got the debit a couple of years ago. I carry cash all the time. I also carry .40 caliber security with me. I tend to wheel and deal for items that people need to liquidate for financial reasons. I have bought many items for pennies on the dollar. These people do not want a debit card they want cash. I am referring to legal transactions of course no "hot" items or illegal items. I also loan/give people money who may be in a bind. No interest just pay me back when you can or sometimes just as a gift. As for the original post I was raised in both Baptist and Pentecostal churches and yes I have heard sermons on the mark of the beast. I will not be getting an implant.