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Some of his "touches" in the past have been a bit creepy, and the memes have been great. But I honestly think people are blowing some of this out of proportion.

I really see nothing wrong in the link below. I suspect Biden is just a touchy feely guy and that most of this is harmless.

I don't like his politics, I don't think he's all that bright; but I hate to see the guy get a pervert rap if it's not deserved. People have gotten too dang sensitive, and it's almost a shame that we have to worry about innocent gestures of affection these days.

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I saw a video the other day taken at one of his campaign rallies where he walked on stage and put both his hands on the woman who introduced him. She forcibly removed his hands from her hips after the were there for more than a few seconds. When he shakes hands with men, he doesn't hold their hand long. I have never seen him stand behind any male and put his hands on their shoulders, but it's different when it comes to females of any age. Have you ever seen him have a boy stand in front of him and put his hands on his shoulders or stroke their head and face? No.


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In my opinion Biden is being foisted upon the Democrats by the media / DNC establishment. Nobody is excited to vote for him, and the younger voters will not turn out in the general. I believe that this might be a Jeb Bush situation.

They may eventually have to concede to the far Left that controls the narrative, nominating Warren or Harris with Biden as a Vice insurance policy.

Either way they still lose to Trump,
and then all hell breaks loose...