another used car lot....seriously?

Within 500 yards of the end of my street, we now have 4 used car lots, a tattoo parlor, a check casher/title pawn, a liquor store and a thrift store. All we need now is to add a jiggly room and a fleabag motel and we'll look like Stewart Avenue. Wait...we have a fleabag motel up behind the old huddle house.

Business 6 / Merchants Drive/ Atlanta Hwy goes from City of Dallas, to unincorporated Paulding to City of Hiram along this 500 yard stretch of road. Just why won't the left hand talk to the right hand and figure out that certain types of the above-mentioned businesses have a negative impact on property values. Do you think we'd see these types of businesses allowed at Seven Hills or Senator's Ridge? Nope. They don't want riff raff up there in the high rent district. This just sucks. On top of that my tax assessment went up 34%.

I'm beyond ready to move out of Paulding County.

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Honolii Beach
Until that land is more valuable to a company who will pay more, the businesses that can't afford the high rent district will lease the land there.

If there were a bunch of wealthy people living near, developers would be tempting land owners with high offers to sell so they could build some pretty and trendy businesses.


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It is odd how car lots clump in the same area even when owned by different people.
There is probably a symbiotic relationship there. Car dealers know that more people will come to four lots within a quarter mile radius than four lots 4 miles apart. Then the carnival atmosphere plays into the buying experience which benefits all.
When I worked at Radio Shack, my manager was happy to see K-mart moving into the shopping center. He felt that having a couple of stores near each other meant that people would more likely drive to the center with the most choices than if they had to drive to a single store.