A Little FYI TO The Newer Folks

Guard Dad

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First off, we're glad to see you posting on The Hwy. We believe we have a great group of folks here that help make The Hwy the High Road of community forums.

Just a few helpful tips about The Hwy:

1) Area 51 (including The Night Gallery) and The Dallas Hwy Gym are viewable only to signed in members. The purpose of this is to have a place where you can post more private or sensitive information without non-members or search engines having access to it.

2) As you might have noticed, we like smileys here. In addition to the main smiley window, you can click the [more] at the lower left of the smiley window to get even more choices.

3) PMs are indeed private. However, if you report the PM, it does become viewable by the Hwy Patrol. Since PMs are private, they should only be reported in extreme cases.

4) We do like to keep things civil here. Beyond that, most any topic and/or viewpoint is welcome on The Hwy. We love great discussion.

Enjoy your drive on The Hwy.

mei lan

Pursuit Driver
Admin said:
4) We do like to keep things civil here. Beyond that, most any topic and/or viewpoint is welcome on The Hwy. We love great discussion.
Aaaaaaand then you had to go and ruin everything. :tapfoot2
The Lisa post needs to be here...didn't IF tell you guys to "pin" it? :))

LisaC said:
Well, since we haven't scared you off yet, here are a few warnings:

Stay away from Guard Dad. Avoid him at all costs, everyone here does except for RNG and that's because he pays her.

Grey Colson, he's a nice guy and tries to be funny. But, don't feel like you to laugh at his attempts at humor because if you ever need a favor, a hot doughnut will get you anything you want. He and Sadie are besties.

RNG runs the place - you will hear GD and Colson make off handed comments about it being their board. It's not, this is her world and, if she ain't happy... Well, we keep hoping she will :Stick Guard Dad, but she's entirely too nice.

We refer to Blazing Saddles as simply "BS" - you will figure out why shortly, if you haven't already.

Sadie loves autocorrect. She's also incredibly funny - she doesn't always mean to be, but it comes natural.

Waski is a nut.

Madea is our resident superwoman. She gets her kids off to school in the morning, goes to work, and then spends the afternoon hauling them around Paulding to various events and practices and still manages to get them to do their homework, fed and in bed without killing them.

NatureGirl is a home grown freak. She grows all sorts of things and can tell you how to use your fingers to make squash flowers very happy....

Shoe Diva - you would think shoes would be her first love, but that would be wrong. It's vodka and, trust me, if you post here enough, you will beg for her to share at some point. She will also corrupt your children (especially girls) - she has this sparkly magic wand or something... She also has an amazing Sugar Daddy - stick around until February, you will see what I mean (I've met him - he's smokin hot and absolutely adores his Diva).

UnionMom - be warned about this one - she's evil (but has an incredibly cute daughter - also corrupted by Diva).

Mrs.B is in the closet (especially when inlaws are around).

I'm Floored is married to BS. You will quickly find out, for that reason alone, she is a saint.

Stradial is probably the smartest one here - and that should really scare you.

Mei Lan is the panda - she and Stradial were separated at birth. She's awesome!!

LotsToDo is really Moses. He's that old, really, and he's pretty smart (but don't tell him that). But, there are older folks on this board.

And me, I'm the liberal lesbian with an addiction to Starbucks. It's my job to stir things up here so things don't get too boring. I yank chains, push buttons, and spin moral compasses - and IT'S FUN!!!

So, if you're still here after all of that, :welcome :welcome :welcome :welcome :welcome :welcome


Grey Colson said:
Guard Dad said:
You left out that Winchester is always nekked when he posts.
I was once, but the Sheriff frowned on that pretty bad....especially at the front desk :whistle
were you playing with your pistol to much or sumfin?