Why does the left question Trump's medical deferment from military service?

Boss 302

Pursuit Driver
Buttrieg questions the Trump's medical deferment from military service during the Vietnam war. What about Joe Biden? He received student deferments while attending college and law school. After law school, he obtained a medical deferment for having had asthma while a teen. Hmmmm. If he had asthma as a teen, why didn't he seek a medical deferment while in college?

Then there's Bill Clinton who resigned from ROTC in college because he felt if he were commissioned an officer in the Army, he would go to Vietnam. He obtained student deferments after his resignation.

Bernie Sanders avoided the draft by filing conscientious objector status.

Democrats have this big issue with Republicans who received deferments from the draft, but give their own who received deferments passes. The left even makes excuses for them claiming those among their ranks who avoided the draft were right to so so because it was an unjust war. The amazing thing about that war; it was Kennedy who sent more troops and then Johnson who sent even more and escalated our involvement into combat operations. It was Nixon who got us out of it.

The left continues to demonstrate their hypocrisy, how they choose to rewrite history, and hold conservatives to a much higher standard than they hold their own.