Toys R Us closing 180 stores nationwide ( 8 in Georgia)

Internet shopping still taking it's toll on Brick and Mortar stores:

Toys R Us is planning to shutter roughly 180 stores across the country, or about one-fifth of its U.S. store fleet, in a bid to restructure the company and emerge from bankruptcy protection.

The closures still need court approval, documents show, but management is planning to shut those locations beginning in early February and running through mid-April.


2601 Dawson Rd., Albany GA

2955 Cobb Parkway, Smyrna GA

6380 No. Point Parkway, Alpharetta GA

1155 Mt. Vernon Hwy., Dunwoody GA

6875 Douglas Boulevard, Douglasville GA

8160 Mall Parkway, Conyers GA

221 Newnan Crossing Bypass, Newnan GA

132 Pavilion Parkway, Fayetteville GA


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Doesn't surprise me at all. Their stores have been a mess (literally) for years. I hated going there when our kids
were young and I refuse to go there for our grandson.

Guard Dad

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Read that this was coming awhile back. And I agree with jman...though I'm sure internet sales has hurt them, they run crappy stores.
I foresee a time when a lot of traditional brick and mortar stores are gone due to online shopping.
Honestly, there's not much we have to actually go to the store for anymore. We order so much online.
If there's ever a really good delivery service for fresh fruits, veggies, meats and other groceries, we'd never go to the store atain.

Guard Dad

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Business has to change with the times.

Sears, for example. Back in their heyday, they were one of the largest mail order (forerunner of internet sales) stores on the planet. And now that are in a death spiral. One would think that they should have been the "Amazon" of today, yet they failed to change.


aka "The Jackal"
TRU has suffered from problems for many years, even before Amazon took off. They expanded too rapidly after their acquisition by Interstate Department Stores in 1989, creating not only a credit problem for themselves, but a distribution nightmare. They have been bleeding money ever since, first in the name of trying to take over the market, and then in closures and reorganization. Walmart's expansion of it's toy department with the "Super" stores was really the last straw. Bain and KKR leveraged a buyout ten years ago and slashed them down to about 200 stores from their once impressive 800, but they still suffer from cash flow, distribution, and management problems. They operate on a shoestring budget now. They are not going to last long.

Boss 302

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I can remember a very long time ago when TRU were nice stores. The last time I was in one was about 2010 in Kennesaw and I thought it was a dump.