Sunday USED TO BE a good night for ...


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... watching TV.

We are on DirectTVNow, which appears to be the best ($$) option - given that we HAVE to have SEC and Hallmark Channel. We have a good variety of channels to choose from.

What am I watching on a Sunday night?

Family Feud.

Its the best thing on that I can tolerate. Before that, it was "How Close Can I Get to The Beach" about buying homes near the beach. Good thing I go to bed early, so I don't have to put up with it for very long.

Oh, and have you heard Hallmark is releasing 40x new shows this holiday season ... someone shoot me now ... lol
Oh yea, first time it was announced my wife came to me thrilled beyond belief about them. I asked if the large number of new movies meant that the other Halmark channel was not doing Christmas Movies this year. Nope, they are going to have a bundle of new movies as well.

Thank goodness for College football and the big screen in the basement.
Unless it's soccer or football, their is not much TV I watch.

Saw part of Edge of Tomorrow (Live, Die, Repeat) on the TV at the Mexican place on Thursday. Looked good, ordered from Amazon, came in yesterday. Now to have time to watch it.


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And I probably will not see it...
Unless I browse through Amazon Prime and stumble on it...

What was the name of the movie again???