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  2. Guard Dad

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    Nice! My mother and grandmother crocheted constantly! My mother, in her later years, made blankets for all her grandchildren and even future great grands, and left specific instructions on who they went to.
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  3. Far West

    Far West Honolii Beach

    What does the bee symbolize?

    Very pretty. Who ever you gift this to is very lucky.
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  4. the bee is for Spring and Summer I guess. It's actually a removable marker to denote that this is the Right side of the pattern when I forget or leave it and pick it back up. I have several of them in different little tokens. Actually got them at Walmart.
    Thank you so much.
    I actually have a baby blanket that is really small I started 6 months ago and almost finished it for someone and I need to get through with it too.
    my favorite thing to knit is shawls.
  5. I can see why because alot a whole lot of work goes in to handmade needlework.
    I used to cross stich and design really old samplers but then ventured to learn to knit about 4-5 years ago, mainly by You Tubes. Better on my vision but I still cross stitch some too. I love the old, really old samplers from the Colonial times.
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  6. Far West

    Far West Honolii Beach

    Interesting... Good idea to easily see the top side!

    I thought that is why you were using the golden honey color yarn... something with Honey bees..LOL:grin2:
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