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Discussion in 'Local News and Events' started by The Sound Guy, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. The Sound Guy

    The Sound Guy Expert Driver

    What is it with the Paulding County BOC/DOT and crappy paving jobs?

    Several years ago it was Harmony Grove Church Road where the paving would slide off when people applied their brakes hard. It had to be patched over and over until it was worse than before it was paved.

    Now it's the worlds worst paving job on the top coat of Dabbs Bridge Road. It's too thin, it has holes in it all over where they just didn't use enough paving at all and where there is paving, they didn't use a roller to make smooth surface but used the multiwheel compactor which left grooves all over it so the ride is noisy and annoying. It looks like it was a rough coat that was to be covered by the final coat, but they packed up and left instead. Do we not have warranties included in our contracts in this county? What a waste of money!

    The only good paving job I've seen in the Northern part of the county has be 61N, and I suspect that's because the state let the contract.

    Good Grief.
  2. naturegirl

    naturegirl Rolling down the highway Staff Member

    We have a BOC meeting on Tuesday, you can sign up to speak about this today, unless it's on the agenda then you don't have to sign up. If you don't want to speak publicly, please contact the commissioners via email, they need to know this stuff. They may never use that road themselves. I think that's in post 4, Tony Crowe's post, but they all voted to approve the spending to pave the roads. With the extra money coming in from the excise tax on gas, there is no excuse not to do it right.

    Next week's meeting is David Austin's last meeting. Dave Carmichael will take over as Commission Chair the first meeting in January.

    Here's how to contact them via email:
  3. naturegirl

    naturegirl Rolling down the highway Staff Member

    Good news Sound Guy. I spoke to one of the commissioners and Scott Greene about Dabbs Bridge Road, they are not finished! They put on a single top coat to get it through the winter and have gone on to patch other much needed roads. They will be back out in the spring to finish it completely. Scott Greene said don't panic unless the road construction signs disappear, that's when they are "done". . ;)
  4. The Sound Guy

    The Sound Guy Expert Driver

    Thanks!! I though you had a good suggestion on the email, but hadn't had a chance to do it yet. Son had wisdom teeth pulled, my mother had dental surgery as well and my mother in law fell backwards on the concrete and has been in the Hospital for 2 days. It's been a stressful week. :(
  5. naturegirl

    naturegirl Rolling down the highway Staff Member

    :sorry: Last week was a rough week for me, my dad was back in the hospital. He's all better, well almost all better. I can sympathize. Praying for all, especially your MIL, hope she's going to be okay. ((hug))
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  6. The Sound Guy

    The Sound Guy Expert Driver

    Thanks again. She got to come home tonight, CAT scan was clear. It's a miracle she didn't break a hip, back, neck or head. :)
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  7. lotstodo

    lotstodo aka "The Jackal"

    Sorry to hear about that. Hope everyone is on the mend.
  8. lotstodo

    lotstodo aka "The Jackal"

    Glad he is doing better.
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  9. MrsB

    MrsB Moderator Staff Member

    You should see High Shoals! I'm so glad they aren't done!
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  10. The Sound Guy

    The Sound Guy Expert Driver

    OK, I whined about it before, I need to give a shout out to the PCBOC, PCDOT and the contractor on the job they did on Dabbs Bridge Road this spring finishing the paving. One of the best paving jobs I've seen since we've lived here. They ground down the entrances to all the subdivisions and connecting roads to allow a thick asphalt layer with no bump, have added dirt to support the sides of the road and it's smooth as glass now. After the disaster that was the paving of HGCR a few years ago, it's good to see the DOT hire and the BOC agree to pay for a good contractor.
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