Newsome going to use SanFran as pattern for all of California.

Poop on the streets for everyone!!!

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California Governor Newsom Vows ‘Sanctuary To All Who Seek It’ In Inauguration Speech

SACRAMENTO (CBSLA/AP) – California’s new governor is promising the most populous state will be a “sanctuary to all who seek it” in a direct affront to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.


“People’s lives, freedom, security, the water we drink, the air we breathe — they all hang in the balance,” Newsom, 51, told a crowd of hundreds packed into a tent outside the state Capitol.


He says children should not be “ripped away from their parents” at the border, and they also shouldn’t be left hungry while Trump pledges to spend billions of dollars on “a wall that should never be built.”
My favorite responses in the comments below it was to the last of the article:

Even as he needled Trump, Newsom offered an overture to voters in rural California, millions of whom voted for Trump and John Cox, Newsom’s Republican rival in November. “I recognize that many in our rural communities believe that Sacramento doesn’t care about them — doesn’t even really see them,” he said. “I see you. I care about you. And I will represent you with pride.”
The comment was: "What he said: “I see you. I care about you. And I will represent you with pride.” What he didn’t say: “I don’t give a damn about what you want or your opinions.”

The other great comment was:

Newsom is holding a 5 year old (at least) “child” who’s sucking on a pacifier!?!? Talk about a metaphor for CA liberals!!!

Guard Dad

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I just don't get the mindset of these people. Especially in California where they are already drowning under the financial burden of giving handouts.

I wonder if these people even understand simple mathematics? We're already upside down in the ratio of people riding in the wagon vs people pulling the wagon. There is no easy way to fix our budget deficit problems until we put more people to work and less on the public dole.


Expert Driver
I do not think they even bother to look at the math...

To them... it is a game of manipulating public opinion...
IMO they truly believe if they can get enough folks to believe what they say...
They can control everything.

Sadly... if the USA ever gets to the point of being a sanctuary nation with free healthcare and free education...
That strange belief might come true.

Problem is...
NOBODY other than a few thousand elites...
Will live above the poverty line.
The comments mentioned that... most of California will be a 3rd world country with the elites living in walled compounds in the coastal areas.

However, that won't happen either unless they can vote themselves some way of avoiding the taxes they are going to have to levy to support this stuff. Otherwise the Rich will move to other states.

When all the farmers leave they are going to starve quick and it won't do use much good either.

I'm seriously getting worried for my country.


Expert Driver
The other thing about how 'high control governments' (socialism, communism, etc) work...

Is the very folks that do the legwork to make the transition happen (in our current society... SJW's and protestors)...
Usually are the FIRST ones to be 'removed'... (they end up in jail or just vanish)
As they are the ones that could well start a revolution away from the new power holders.

It just amazes me how the SJW's do not realize how this works...
Guess they are too smart to learn from history... :rolleyes:

Far West

Honolii Beach
The politicians in CA are the worst:
California bill would require businesses to offer e-receipts

Why? Most businesses are doing this on their own as it is... but noooooooo ....have to meddle in everyone's business due to being a politician.

California would become the first state to require businesses to offer electronic receipts unless customers ask for paper copies under legislation proposed on Tuesday.
Many businesses and consumers already are moving toward e-receipts, said Democratic Assemblyman Phil Ting of San Francisco.
But he said a law is needed because many consumers don’t realize most paper receipts are coated with chemicals prohibited in baby bottles, can’t be recycled and can contaminate other recycled paper because of the chemicals known as Bisphenol-A (BPA) and Bisphenol-S (BPS).
His bill, Assembly Bill 161, would require all businesses to provide proof of purchase receipts electronically starting in 2022 unless a customer asks for a printed copy.
It comes days after another first-in-the-nation California law took effect requiring dine-in restaurants to provide straws only at customers’ request.


Expert Driver
I wonder...

If E-receipts will hold up in court in a tax audit???
Bet there are dozens of ways a govt lawyer could invalidate an E-receipt...
No thank you... I prefer my paper...
Which I keep for at least a decade!

Guard Dad

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I like e-receipts.

But we shouldn't force the business to offer it. Some types of businesses take to it better than others. Can you imagine what it would do to fast food place's service times if they had to get an email address for every order?