Just a quick FYI for our new members

Guard Dad

Staff member
First off, welcome to The Hwy. You'll find this is a different kind of forum. We encourage free speech here, virtually any topic is fair game, and all viewpoints are welcome. But we "preach" respect for all members here and do not allow personal attacks. Meaning...you need not be afraid to post your opinions here. Another member might disagree with you and debate you on it, but it will be in a civil manner.

Dallas Hwy is a PGish forum. We're adults here and we don't expect our members to be goody two shoes. But really dirty stuff is not allowed. I don't expect that to be an issue with you folks though.

The rules are relaxed a bit in Area 51. That's where you would post topics that are a bit more edgy in content. Still no nudity or really nasty stuff allowed, but there is a little more latitude there. If you do post something that you feel might offend some members, please put a warning in the subject line so members who don't want to read it will know.

Area 51 is only visible to logged in members, so random people on the internet cannot view it and search engines don't pick it up. It's also where you would share things that need more anonymity such as pictures of yourself or family. The members here are solid people, so no need to worry about them. Several of us sometimes post pics of our beloveds.

We have almost no moderation here. Why? Because there's almost no need for it. The members here are good folks and everyone understands where the limits are. Other than housekeeping, you'll rarely see moderation. And we like it that way.

We have a few running jokes here. Cat jokes (we have a member here with a weird cat fetish haha), jokes about my pool, bacon jokes, age jokes about LTD, fart jokes (OK, some of us act like we're 6 years old), nerd jokes (a lot of us here are nerds), etc. It's all in fun and just us giving each other "the business".

You folks that came from another local forum will recognize some familiar names here. And there are some others here that you know, but they use different screen names here. Point being, a lot of the GOOD folks from over there are now here.

Above all, feel free to post and HAVE FUN! You're among friends here, so don't be shy about posting.