Holiday Weekend!!


Me fail English? That's unpossible!
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Friday Night - My youngest graduated from high school! Now both my kids are in the adult world!

Saturday - Heading to Momocon to check out the cosplay, stuff to buy and all the video games I could ever want!

Sunday - AM church and then finally some rest!

Monday - Might hit the neighborhood pool but I also need to cut the grass at some point. Ugh!

Here is a pic of my girls!
Whew. Bought new steps for the pool and tried to install them last weekend just to find the deck is to high for them to attach. So spend Sat tearing one section of deck out and lowering it so the stairs will work. In the middle of that get a call my daughter has put her car in a ditch near bartow airport so have to quit and go check it out. She scraped a tree on the way in, breaking headlight mirror and window and bent the front rim blowing the tire. With the help of bystanders (some good people stopped) I was able to get it out of the ditch without a wrecker and get the tire changed. She had to leave Sunday morning for a cruise set for today so we are figuring what to do with it next weekend.
Yesterday Church , then took lunch to my PIL with my wife as he hasn’t been cleared to drive yet after his hospital stay last week.

Today. Work in the yard a bit then have all the parents over for a cookout and homemade ice creams.


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Yeah... HOT!

Today I ran calls all day... got most of the folks cooled off...
Sadly... one of them got the dreaded news:

Your system can be repaired, however it is gonna be expensive and not a good value.
CHS suggests to replace it.


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Read on a forum...
Myrtle Beach area is hitting 100-101 daily...
No thank you... :(

Looking at the Atlanta forecast... looks like Thursday it will start cooling a bit...
Hope the weatherman is right this time...