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Discussion in 'Religion' started by Grey Colson, Jul 5, 2017.

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    In the process of research for the 4th book, I needed a little guidance from a professional. I visited our pastor on Monday who holds a doctorate in theology and he was very helpful with a few points. Then I have been doing some reading on line of various things regarding Islam.

    And, no....this story is not your basic "Stop the Terrorist" story, even though it may include one...or two.

    I wasn't surprised to learn that other religions were not part of my pastor's study in seminary. The reason was from speaking with a Secret Service agent several years ago. I was curious about counterfeit money and asked him if they, The Secret Service, had their agents study various types of counterfeit money in their training. His response was, "No. We handle and examine so much of the real thing, the fake stuff stands out like a sore thumb." I believe the same applies to the study of God's Word.

    But in order to understand the Muslims a little and where they came from, I had a simple understanding, but it has recently become a LOT more clear and interesting. Reading the history of Abraham's two sons, Issac and Ishmael, makes what is going on in this world much more understandable. And then to read up a little on who Muhammad was (descendant of Ishmael), and how he became the ultimate profit of the Muslim people. And also, who reportedly gave him the words of the Qur'an and his marching orders.

    I've read many accounts, but this one was extremely interesting.


    If nothing else, it's an interesting explanation of a few things to me that had been a little mysterious before. Now....back to writing...;)
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    I knew part of this, but I'll read up on it later when I have more time. This looks like stuff we should know.
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    I think so too. I don't recall hearing it from the pulpit in any depth. From a little extra reading, the "religion of peace" was not founded until 600 to 610 AD and almost every aspect is the opposite of the teachings of Christianity. It appears that the descendant of Ishmael was non too pleased for being the "cursed" nation. It also reads that God did not specifically blame Ishmael for the sin of Abraham and was promised to be a great nation, but NOT the chosen and blessed nation that sprung from Issac.

    It gets interestinger and interestinger the more I study on it. :eek:
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    It's all in the Book, it splans thangs pretty well.
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    And it's fixin' to be in one of mine too ;)
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    Blasphemy. (JUST KIDDING)
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    Careful!!! The name Salman Rushdie comes to mind!!!!
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    Yeah, that crossed my mind too.

    'Course, he probably didn't carry like GC does.
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  9. Strangely, I just listened to a sermon today from one of our local churches Zion Baptist in Cleveland, GA. I didn't realize his sermons are online as well. Helps alot when I don't get up and go to church like I should. I was actually looking for a Sunday night time and still couldnt find it.
    However, just today I listened to the topic "Getting Through a Trial" 8/27/17 and he explains a bit about this but the main thing through the sermon is how much we allow God to be in control. He takes the story of Abraham with his son he was told to sacrifice and goes into alot of detail that fits our daily life. He mentions Ishmael who was conceived by Hagar. He speaks about how Abraham and Sarah were promised a son even in her advanced age and instead of allowing God to do it in his timing, Abraham and Sarah chose to accomplish this on their own with Hagar. Of course, the repercussions of this decision follows through a long line. However. God did send his chosen son of which the line of Christianity began and was God's will.
    What attracted me to the title is the trials we are given and how to deal with it. It emphasized to me even more in my heart that whether people like it or not God's will (and He has one for all of our lives) will be done. In order to get through the trials God allows to happen to us, we have to change our attitude and also pray daily and sincerely, read our Bible for guidance as well.
    the source is here if you want to listen or anyone else but warning the preacher is passionate about the subject. I also learned this is an interim pastor and the people are looking to possibly make him their pastor.
    He talks a bit country too but I thought his message this morning was very reassuring about even our trials we go through in relationships, in our world and our service.
    I'm definitely a sinner but saved by the grace of God even when I was not worthy to be saved. God is good. Events and trials can be not good. However, God does allow things to happen for a reason in our walk. We can choose to depend on Him daily and pray seeking only what we can do or what His will is or we can try to figure things out for ourselves and make decisions from our own free will. However, just like Abraham and Sarah s circumstance, there are consequences from intervening in God's design of our life.
    Sorry for the long post but I had just listened to it and thought I would post it and then read your post about Abraham's son again.


    it is about 40 minutes long and I thought I would share. It really helped me alot. I think it's also helpful for anyone going through loss, grieving or just perplexed about the why of many things.
    I agree with this pastor about following God daily all day in prayer as we live especially when things make no sense to us at all and focus on what we can do to serve Him rather than what is negative. God is in control no matter what this crazy world is coming to. Even if we do or do not like our president, God is in control and has already picked what will happen. We have to trust Him. Some days it's easier than others.

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