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    ...income taxes.

    For starters I'll say I have no issue with paying whatever tax amount is correctly calculated. Our company tracks our expenses to the penny...literally. As my grandfather once said, "If you're not paying taxes you're either not making any money or you've got one heck of an accountant." Saying that, it really irks me when they hound law abiding taxpayers while not pursuing (overlooking) those who underpay or fail to file a return.

    After paying our 2016 tax bill we received a "balance due" statement in the amount of $12.66 which I gladly paid. Evidently it was for accrued interest but no worries, I paid it with a smile. Then last week we received another statement, this time for a balance due of $0.05 (yes, a nickle). After checking my records and online banking I determined it was for accrued interest on the $12.66 which was due on 7/31/17. Our online banking showed it cleared on 08/01/17 although it was mailed on 7/24/17, a full week prior.

    So today I mailed another check, this one in the amount of $0.10 (a dime, double the amount of the nickel balance due). With it I also included a nice letter and copies of where the $12.66 check cleared our bank as well as copies of the most recent statements (yes statements with an s as both the Queen and I received identical statements for the same nickle amount).

    Here is a copy of the letter included:


    Internal Revenue Service
    Cincinnati, OH 45999-0150

    August 10, 2017

    Enclosed please find check #1347 in the amount of $0.10 (10 cents) which is to be applied to our 2016 Form 1040 current balance of $0.05 (5 cents).

    On July 24, 2017 our check #1345 in the amount of $12.66 was mailed but apparently not processed in time to meet the July 31, 2017 deadline. It did, however, clear our financial institution on August 1, 2017 resulting in an accrued interest charge of $0.05 (5 cents). Check #1347 is being mailed today, August 10, 2017, which should allow ample time to be received and applied to our outstanding 5 cent balance before the August 24, 2017 deadline. However, in the event it cannot be applied before the deadline an additional 5 cents has been included to cover any future accrued interest charges. If indeed it is received and processed prior to the deadline please promptly process a refund check for any overpaid balance by September 14, 2017 to avoid accrued interest charges.

    The U.S. taxpayers rest well at night knowing how diligent your department works at collecting any unpaid taxes, no matter how small the balance.



    Yes, I now fully expect to be audited for the next few years but that's ok too.
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    Took a few months for us to resolve a $4K plus "oops" from the IRS.
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    I have a great idea...let's turn healthcare over to them.
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    Reminds me of our 18 hour saga of the Obamacare Exemption...

    Or the time we spent 16 months fighting for a standard Adoption Tax Credit...

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    The IRS Sucks.

    But you knew that.
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    It just cracks me us how they spent the money to mail two separate invoices (which arrived on the same day) to collect the 5 cents. Now that's using your brain right there.
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    Probable cost US 3 bucks to generate each invoice!!!!!
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    That's computers for you. I used to get 8 1/2" x 11" envelope with 12 sheets in it from MCI with a $1.00 postmark on it each month to tell me I had a $0.35 credit on my account. Went on for over a year until I closed the account.

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