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Guard Dad

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HP small form factor Business Class machine. These are very tough and durable.

I was going to use it for my next jukebox, but ended up building one instead.

Quick and very capable little machine. Perfect for home or small business use (I use these machines for both applications). No keyboard, mouse or monitor. I can get you you a keyboard and mouse as cheap as $10. I can also add wifi for about $10-$15 as well.

AMD duel core processor running at 3.4 ghz
8 gig RAM
500 gig hard drive
10 USB 2.0 ports
Fresh load of Windows 10 Pro latest version
Microsoft Office 2007 Pro Plus with all updates
Cyberlink Media Suite
Acrobat Reader DC
Machine has been cleaned up and fully serviced

$95 with 30 day warranty. PM me if interested.

I bought one off of Woot very much like that for my wife's aunt and uncle who give me a place to stay for free often during hunting season. She mainly uses it for weather and to keep track of obituaries at the local funeral homes, but it works great for someone who wants something to cruise the internet.

Guard Dad

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Still available for now.

And this is a very capable machine. Dual core running at 3.4 ghz with 8 gig of RAM.

We use a couple of them at work and they handle normal tasks just fine.