Cobb School Crossing Guard killed because guy was in a hurry.

Discussion in 'Local News and Events' started by The Sound Guy, Dec 1, 2017.

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    This is really sad for me as one of my best friends lost his mom the same way when we were in high school together. I don't remember the circumstances, it being 30 years ago or so, but I remember seeing the yellow sheet over something at the exit from the school grounds (North Cobb High School) as we left on the bus and later learning it was Mrs. C. She was an amazing woman. Sounds as if this woman was pretty cool herself.

    Story in the AJC

    A well-known crossing guard was hit and killed Thursday morning while directing traffic outside a Cobb County middle school, police said.

    Edna Umeh, 64, of Austell, was the victim, Cobb County police Sgt. Dana Pierce said in a news release.

    A 38-year-old man from Lithonia, Lamonte Roosevelt Whitaker, was identified as the driver of the car that hit Umeh, according to Pierce.

    The deadly incident occurred about 9 a.m. at Lindley Middle School on Veterans Memorial Highway in Mableton, police said.

    Whitaker’s 2016 Ford Focus “swerved left into the center turn lane and around slowing or stopped traffic to continue westbound on Veterans Memorial Highway,” Pierce said.

    “Within moments of doing so, he struck a school crossing guard who was working her post at the west end of the school zone.”

    They need to nail him for this
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    I heard about that yesterday, it's just a terrible but preventable accident. I'm not certain but I did hear that at least the driver didn't try to flee. I'm sure it was an honest mistake but one which costs the life of one and will forever that of the other forever. SLOW DOWN PEOPLE, wherever you're going is really not that urgent.
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    He didn't have much choice but to wait, he hit her hard enough they had to cut him out of the car.
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    Very sad. Hopefully he'll rot in jail for a while.
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    For the last two weeks, I had to drive to Decatur every day for work. Each day was a reminder why I hate driving anywhere around Atlanta because there are so many people in a hurry and will cut people off to change lanes on the interstate. All these people do is slow the traffic down even more and increase the danger for all.
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    I HATED it when I had to work downtown!!
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    That's one of the main reasons I moved to Decatur to go from an hour plus commute to about 7 minutes. Now I really hate sitting in traffic after not doing it as much over the past year.
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    But now you have Amazon Logistics
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  10. cptlo306

    cptlo306 Pursuit Driver's not all perfect. :(
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    I was in Decatur working the last two weeks. I hated the drive on I-85. I would leave the house each morning no later than 5:30 to make sure I would be there no later than 8. I was almost late a couple of times.
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    Tragic. I went to Lindley MS when it was a junior high on Old Alabama Road where Pebblebrook HS is now.
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    I had heard she had been with the school district for almost 40 years. Two years ago I directed traffic at Kemp Elementary all winter for another officer who had surgery. It was on top of a hill near the intersection of Corner Road and Old Lost Mountain, and it was a total DEATH TRAP. It was still dark when I would get out in the street and had to hold 2 light sticks to keep from being steamrolled by speeding traffic. I literally broke one of my light sticks off as I slapped a car that nearly punted me through the goal posts. People drive like total idiot! :eek:

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