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Discussion in 'Dallas Hwy Flea Market' started by lotstodo, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. honeybunny

    honeybunny Pursuit Driver

    I want to buy this so bad... but my family is unwilling to sell half of their stuff.

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  2. lotstodo

    lotstodo aka "The Jackal"

    How selfish of them.
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  3. honeybunny

    honeybunny Pursuit Driver

    I know right... I belong in that cabin.

    I could do just fine with less stuff.

    Good luck ! ! !

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  4. lotstodo

    lotstodo aka "The Jackal"

    WooHoo! Just accepted a fair offer last night. Mrs. LTD said that she is now excited about the new place in Ellijay since the old cabin in Blue Ridge isn't hanging over our heads. I've been going up doing some work on both cabins a couple of days per week, but she has fallen behind in her activities up there. She didn't want to move any furniture from Hiram until we knew if the old one would sell furnished or not. I've been sleeping on an air mattress and sitting on outdoor furniture up there. Now that it did sell furnished, she has been going around and telling me what to move up and what to leave here in Hiram until we can make the move permanent.

    Now to build that three car garage...:)
  5. cptlo306

    cptlo306 Pursuit Driver


    Is the new place ready for the Hwy party yet?
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  6. J-man

    J-man This post will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... Staff Member

    Congrats, that's great news.
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  7. lotstodo

    lotstodo aka "The Jackal"

    If you don't mind sitting on plastic chairs and watching a TV perched on a cardboard box.
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  8. cptlo306

    cptlo306 Pursuit Driver

    Will there be food?
  9. Guard Dad

    Guard Dad Administrator Staff Member

    As long as it's thong friendly.
  10. ShoeDiva

    ShoeDiva Shoes!!!!

    Pretty positive that area of the country is not. Though I thought our area was not too. :tissue:
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  11. lotstodo

    lotstodo aka "The Jackal"

    If you bring it.
  12. lotstodo

    lotstodo aka "The Jackal"

    France. Only France is thong friendly.
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  13. MacDaddy

    MacDaddy Training wheel examiner

    Congrats! Keeping the toes and fingers crossed.
  14. naturegirl

    naturegirl Rolling down the highway Staff Member the the racoon cabin? LOL
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  15. lotstodo

    lotstodo aka "The Jackal"

    LOL. No, the raccoons were/are in Hiram.
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  16. Grey Colson

    Grey Colson Administrator Staff Member

    Congrats! Glad you were able to sell it pretty quickly :D
  17. lotstodo

    lotstodo aka "The Jackal"

    I'm thinking that the buyers are city folk. They relayed some questions to me:

    Where is the mailbox (At the post office if you want to wait for a free one, or at the UPS Store in town, we don't get mail delivery at home and all of the boxes out at the highway have been spoken for for 20 years)

    What is the police response time ( depends on which side of the county Barnie is on and how many times you've been shot)

    Is there a neighborhood watch (I think that a four wheeler was stolen from someone last year, but we all have shotguns)

    How far away is the fire department ( About six miles, or 20 minutes. But the volunteers might take that long just to get to the station. See the gigantic fire extinguisher in the kitchen?)

    Who do we see about repaving the road in front of the cabin (It's a long driveway, they own it)

    Who do we pay for maintaining the gate and how much does it cost (Again, they own it)

    How often does the gas company refill the gas tank and has it ever run out (When you call them and pay for it, it's a propane tank)

    How often does the county grade and regravel the roads (They are private roads, we pay a contractor $125 per year for basic scraping and if we are lucky, they dump a load of crusher run on them about once every three years. Outside of that we get out there and clean the ditches, dump crusher run from pickup trucks on washes and slick spots, and sand when it snows.)

    Welcome to the country folks. Relax. It's a little different out here.
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  18. MacDaddy

    MacDaddy Training wheel examiner

    Ummm, hoping you sugar coated them answers .... lol
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  19. Paxilpapa

    Paxilpapa Serenity, through modern chemistry

    Why??? The check cleared!!!!!!
  20. J-man

    J-man This post will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... Staff Member

    Once the check clears....hmmmm, "that's a really good question. Your realtor can probably get you the answer."
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