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Tonight - Date night with "She who adores me". Watching Captain Marvel in 3D

Saturday - Kids coming over to swim and do Father's Day

Sunday - AM church, then whatever


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You will enjoy Captain Marvel...

Be sure to watch the credits... as usual there is a hint in there... :)

Curious note about watching movies:

A block or so from Gwinnett Mall... is the 'SanteFe' mall... there is a second run movie theatre... movies are $3.50 and $6 for 3D, digital projectors and sound!
Now on Amazon... I would have paid $19.95 to watch Captain Marvel... with a 48 hour rental.

I really wonder if folks really pay those ridiculous prices... I would not!


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Probably run calls on Saturday...
May do a duct repair job on Sunday afternoon.
Neighbor, he is gonna help (kinda, grin).


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Tonight - Heading to the Braves game to boo Bryce Harper and see the Phillies lose.

Saturday - Meeting some good friends for lunch. They live in TN and are here for part of the day Saturday. After that, we are taking the girls to the K-Pop store off Buford Hwy.

Sunday - AM church, lunch for Father's Day and then nothing else!


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Tonight - Gospel Jam and thanks to GD we will have sound. He graciously came up to the church to figure out why the sound board wasn't working properly.

Saturday - Headed to South GA to visit my dad for Father's Day and also visit with our middle daughter. She starts her 3rd trimester next week and hopefully she has a bubble belly so I can pick on her. :dancing:

Sunday - Heading back home.