The juice isn’t worth the squeeze for many college majors, new report reveals: Lifetime earnings simply can’t keep up with the cost of degrees

For those like me who don't have subscription to Fortune, here are eight degrees with the lowest ROI.
I know several young ladies who went to college for theater, and some of them are very talented. But not a single one works in the business or got a job making any real money.
In order to get a part in a play, television, or movie, they will have to audition. You don't need a college degree in order to audition.
To my surprise our daughter-in-law received a degree in interior design and actually has worked only in that field since her summer internship. She actually just left her former employer to work for another but in the exact same field. She's the first person I've known to actually work in that field.
Humans need not apply. (This video is spot on regarding automation).

My oldest son in an engineer working on warehouse automation and such. The stuff they're working on these days will boggle your mind. The technology is rapidly changing and of course the corporate CEO's want to maximize profits via efficiency.


Here's another very interesting video. Not only for nerds, but regular guys too.
These accelerating technologies are the future...encourage younger generations to embrace them. AI, Robotics, Biotech, Nanotech, Medicine, Neuroscience, Energy and Computing