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All Drivers,

When building Dallas Hwy, one of our goals was to make a place where people could express their opinions without getting flamed or ridiculed. In a political forum, it's important to have a variety of ideas and beliefs to keep the discussion interesting. And when we approach such discussion with an open mind, we sometimes learn something.

All members here have the right to post their opinions, so long as they do so within the site rules. By the same token, other members have the right to disagree with them, and even to debate the issue. But we will not tolerate name calling, ridiculing, belittling, etc. of DallasHwy members. If you do, don't be surprised if you receive a warning to stop, and even a Flat Tire if such behavior continues. There has been some recent behavior that needs to stop, and the purpose of this post is to make sure we all understand what the rules are.

The key here is respect. Members should be respectful when starting topics, and use language that conveys information and facts without flaming or slandering other members. Replies should be equally respectful. Any data or information posted should be truthful and a reasonable effort should be made to verify it before posting it. Behind every screen name is a living breathing person; and though we might disagree on how to fix things, I am pretty confident that we are all fine people who only what the best for our city/county/state/country. That is why we deserave each other's respect.

Thank you,

The DallasHwy Team
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