Beto O'Rourke running for Texas governor against GOP incumbent Abbott

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Typical of a politician, he has no job, no job skills... so he keeps looking for an elected position to cover for the fact he is a loser.

The only jobs or opportunities he has in life were provided by family members and their he railed against "the man". The guy is a perpetual child only doing what he wants like writing short stories and poems, while his wife runs everything. Typical effen liberal marxists.

After graduation, O'Rourke worked as a live-in caretaker and art mover before working for an Internet service provider run by his uncle.[49][57] He later took a position at H. W. Wilson Company as a proofreader, and wrote short stories and songs in his free time.[38][49]

O'Rourke returned to El Paso in 1998.[58] At first, he was working with computers as an inventory tracker at his mother's upscale furniture store and living in an apartment building owned by his father.[25] O'Rourke said he wanted to address "brain-drain", or the exodus of youth caused by lack of opportunity.[49][59] In 2000, he co-founded Stanton Street Technology Group, an Internet services and software company.[57][60] With O'Rourke himself unable to obtain a loan, his father took out a $20,000 loan on his behalf.[citation needed] O'Rourke's wife, Amy, operated the business until June 2017.[61][62] For a few years, the company also published an online newspaper, also called Stanton Street; the paper was a mix of arts and entertainment reviews, restaurant reviews and opinion columns that O'Rourke modeled on alternative periodicals like The Village Voice and New York Press.[49] In a 1998 interview with the El Paso Times, O'Rourke stated that his web designs paid "the bills", but his heart was in even though it lost money.[63] The company made a co-marketing agreement with local TV station, KTSM-TV, allowing StantonStreet.Com and the station's Internet site to share content and TV ads.[63] KTSM's then news director, Eric Pearson, was O'Rourke's brother-in-law.[64]

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Watch for the radical marxists to come in and help him "focus on those who have been prevented from voting, forgotten or not included", code for a mail-in and other ballot fraud. The One World Government shadow people will help him cheat every chance they get!

The Conservatives need to get on this NOW... the marxists would love to turn Texas Blue like Kaladamnfornia.

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I haven't seen anything about the guy that is likeable. He's just a loudmouth and a bumbling fool.
He is kinda like herpes.

He runs out of other people’s money... Raise contributions. Lose election. Live off contributions. Funds run out. Run for another office. Raises 20 million, spends 10 million, then hires his wife or brother or some other family members as consultants and pay them 10 million. Perfectly legal and scummy as hell.

He will get out of state donations. He doesn’t even have to touch his father in law’s money anymore.

He is a typical liberal who will appeal to the young and easily bribed by promises of free, the dead, and people who have already left the state... ALL those will "vote" for him with the help of the same One World Government Marxists who pulled in Biden/Harris to the White House.

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The fear is that like in 2018, he help bring out voters, it changed the Judicial makeup to liberal.

Texas Democrats’ biggest win on election night may have been the courts
NOV. 8, 2018
Most of the state’s new sweep of Democratic judges rode in on O’Rourke’s coattails. The courts that flipped are centered in the state’s urban, liberal areas, but their sprawling districts include neighboring counties whose suburban and rural voters have in recent years delivered wins to Republicans. To win, Democrats needed to boost their victories in the cities and narrow their margins in neighboring suburban and rural counties.

O’Rourke helped deliver just that, particularly in the Dallas area, where a slate of Republicans lost their bids for Texas House. A court that has not elected a Democrat since 1992 took on a Democratic majority, including a Democrat as its chief justice.


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Beto was in good spirits following the announcement, saying he wasn’t about to disappear into irrelevance despite the growing list of failed races for U.S. Senate, U.S. President, City Council, Book Club President, Skateboard Team Treasurer, Whataburger Chief Janitor, and Mom’s Favorite Son Named Beto.
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